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Working for you

Workability Personnel is a non profit service which assists people with a disability to access employment in the community. We are committed to establishing successful partnerships with you, the employer by providing you with realistic information about the jobseeker’s abilities and needs. WorkAbility carefully prepares applicants for your selection and is dedicated to creating a job match tailored to your workplace requirements.

Working Together

WorkAbility provides thorough and realistic support to the new worker and the employer through the provision of on the job or off site training for the new worker if required. Where appropriate, on site training is provided ensuring the worker performs the job to our satisfaction.

“Quality ongoing employment is our goal”

Working Solutions

WorkAbility is part of a national network of progressive employment agencies for jobseekers with a disability. We are able to assist employer’s access available community and government assistance by:

Work Training

WorkAbility offers a period of work training as a means of assessing suitability for employment. WorkAbility can arrange work training for short periods at no cost to the employer. The worker is covered by WorkAbility’s Personal Accident Insurance.

Disabled Apprenticeship Wage Scheme (DAWS)

The DAWS program provides assistance to both employers and employees who participate in a traineeship or apprenticeship. Employers accessing the scheme are provided with a significant wage incentive of $104.30 (plus GST) per week for a full time employee, for the period of the DAWS. The employer is able to access tutorial support and/or mentoring funds, each to the value of $5000 per annum to assist with the academic component of the training.

For part time traineeships or apprenticeships the subsidy can be paid on a pro-rata basis.

Training Incentive

WorkAbility can provide an incentive payment to reimburse some of the wage costs during the initial training phase of employment. This incentive is granted to employers who are able to provide at least 8 hours of work and intend to continue employment after the subsidy period, if the new worker is satisfactory.

Supported Wage System

The Supported Wage System can be accessed when a workers disability impacts upon their productivity. A Supported Wage Agreement allows for an adjustment of the Award rate according to the workers productive capacity. The rate is determined by a wage assessor during a 12 week trial period. A suitable wage for the trial period is agreed upon by the parties involved (not below $69 per week) for 8 hours per week.

Workplace Modification Scheme

Funding of up to $5000 is available if it is necessary to modify the workplace, or to provide additional equipment in order for the worker to perform their duties.

WorkAbility can provide support and training either on, or off the job, if needed, and can assist with all paperwork requirements for the programs outlined above.

Our Service is free to employers and jobseekers

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